One Piece Cosplay Trafalgar D Water Law Wano 1
One Piece Cosplay Trafalgar D Water Law Wano

One Piece Cosplay Trafalgar D Water Law Wano



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Trafalgar D. Water Law, also known as “The Surgeon of Death”, is a doctor and pirate from the North Blue and the captain and doctor of the Heart Pirates. He was one of twelve pirates who were referred to as “The Worst Generation”. After the timeskip, he has become one of the Shichibukai, ranked at number two, until he resigned. He is also a former member of the revolutionary organization known as the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. At some point after leaving the Grand Line, he formed an alliance with Eustass Kid, Monkey D. Luffy, and Roronoa Zoro which lasted until Kid’s capture by Kaido caused him to join up with Kaido in an attempt to rescue him.

Water Law is an incredibly tall and thin man with light-blue eyes (portrayed as green in the manga). He has black hair styled in downward twists on top of his head with buzz-cut bangs framing his face; his goatee connect to his sideburns via mustache (similar in style toCapone Bege) that transforms into octopus sucker-like tentacles around his neck (serving unknown purposes other than self-defense). These appendages were first seen when Pekoms asked him about Caesar Clown’s disappearance. He usually wears a white suit with a black shirt and purple tie, along with a dark blue doctor’s coat; both of which have many stitches all over them. In addition, there is also a stethoscope around his neck. He also retains Caesar’s small case full of medical supplies on his utility belt alongside three large belts adorning his slim waist, where he normally keeps his sword tucked away. His informal attire consists of a pair of loose grey trousers held up by a leather belt with buckles all over it at different intervals and black shoes with white soles. His wrists are covered by golden bracelets adorned by what seems to be brown feathers, while on both hands he wears rings adorned by what looks like golden bells above multiple golden bracelets. Both these bracelets have been seen worn even when Water Law was younger but it is not yet known for how long he has had them or why he wears them; currently they seem to just be part of his overall appearance/getup.

Additionally, during Caesar Clown’s captivity on Punk Hazard, Trafalgar worked as his henchman and wore nothing but extremely raggedy clothes which consisted of shorts made out of what seemed like strips of cloth wrapped around his waist like a loincloth that barely covered anything, showing off most of his extremely skinny legs. His arms were completely exposed except for bandages wrapping around his biceps and forearms and thick shackles around both wrists which were connected to an equally thick chain running down to Caesar’s desk. Wearing nothing on his feet except for sandals made out only out of cloth straps wrapped around both ankles, Trafalgar was commonly seen shirtless while working for Caesar but would occasionally don a sleeveless white coat that reached down below his knees with numerous random brown stains splattered all over it that was left open revealing more bandages underneath wrapping tightly around most of his torso which hid whatever injuries he may have had beneath them from view quite effectively.”

  • Components: same as the picture
  • Item type: sets
  • Ideal to cosplay your favorite anime character !
  • Take your usual size of clothing, if it doesn’t fit contact us for an exchange at our expense.
  • Materials: polyester, spandex
  • Limited Edition


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