One Piece Poster Wanted Search Notice God Usopp 1
One Piece Poster Wanted Search Notice God Usopp

One Piece Poster Wanted Search Notice God Usopp



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Usopp had always been a dreamer. As a child, he would often lie in bed at night, gazing up at the stars and imagining what it would be like to explore them. When he saw the wanted notice for sale, he knew that it was his opportunity to finally fulfill his dream.Setting sail on his own personal ship, the Going Merry, Usopp began his search for adventure. He quickly made a name for himself as a fearless pirate, raiding ships and plundering treasure. His reputation soon spread far and wide, and before long he had amassed a small fortune. Usopp’s spirit of adventure eventually led him to become one of the most famous pirates in all of history. Thanks to his bold exploits, he inspired others to pursue their dreams, and helped to make the world a little bit more exciting place.

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  • Material: 150g yellow kraft paper
  • Dimensions: 42*28.5cm
  • Sheet weight: 18g


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